Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Wired News: Wiki Becomes a Way of Life

While my blog recieves much less traffic than many others, I really enjoy blogging and feel a compulsion to post daily. I don't always find something good to blog about but a day away from the blog is one thinking about the blog anyway. Linked below is a story about some people who are likewise compulsive about their participation in something akin to blogging and that is writing for Wikipedia.

Wired News: Wiki Becomes a Way of Life: "Wiki Becomes a Way of Life

By Daniel Terdiman |

02:00 AM Mar. 08, 2005 PT

Wikipedia, the online encyclopedia, has 490,000 articles -- in English alone. All together, including its French, German, Italian, Chinese, Spanish and many other versions, it has well over 1.3 million entries.

But without its 16,000 contributors, Wikipedia would be about as useful as a moldy 1978 edition of Encyclopedia Americana. With them, Wikipedia has become the world's largest effort of its kind, and one that is compared to Encyclopedia Britannica in terms of quality and breadth.

Among those 16,000 contributors, there are some whose involvement goes far beyond the call of duty. These are the hard-core Wikipedians who spend long hours writing articles, or tweaking existing ones.

Here are some of these power Wikipedians, and a look at what drives them to give so much to a community of strangers. They are ranked according to Wikipedia's list of the 1,000 Wikipedians who have made the most edits.

Click on the above link to read the stories of several interesting people ...

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