Saturday, March 19, 2005

Guest Blog by Super[C]orrie

When these people are going to get a bite to eat, where do you think they stop?

These hungry musicians are Superchic[k], a contemporary Christian music group. To learn more [c]lick here. Yeah, that's right they sort of spell their name funny.

This is a guest blog entry by Terry's daughter, Corrie. I was working in the Airport Subway Saturday morning, when a group of people came in for their lunch. As I'm waiting to put the vegetables on the first persons sub I look at the first guy in line. He seems slightly familiar, yet I can't place where I know him from. I then look at the girl in line behind him and think she looks familiar too. Looking at the next person in line I realize who they look like the band Superchic[k]. Knowing that I am probably wrong and this is all a coincidence, I say is a calm voice, "I know this might sound weird, but are you guy's from Superchic[k]?."

"Yeah? How did you know?" They say surprised.

"YES!!!" I shriek.

"Have you been to one of our concerts?" the Guitarist asks.

"Yes. The one at the Baltimore Arena." I reply.

My co-worker, Sabi, and I finished making their subs and got caught up helping other customers. When there was a lull in the crowds of people who want subs, the Bass player came over and gave me their yet unreleased CD. Inside I was like totally awesome!!! I thanked him and he said, "Just don't put it on the Internet."

"Not a problem." I say.

' Like my dad would ever let me do something so illegal.' I think.

They left and I continued on with my work. I was so happy and blessed to meet Superchic[k]. It is really amazing the gifts that God can give you.

Also, Superchic[k] likes Subways cookies and apple pies. So do I.

9 days, 2 hours and 18 minutes from now at this time I posted this Superchic[k] is going to release their newest album, Beauty from Pain.
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