Thursday, February 03, 2005

Wired News: Car Chase Tech That's Really Hot

Wired News: Car Chase Tech That's Really Hot: "Car Chase Tech That's Really Hot

By Cyrus Farivar

02:00 AM Feb. 03, 2005 PT

If a Los Angeles-area scientist has his way, car chases may become as antiquated as horse-mounted cavalry.

James Tatoian, chief executive of Eureka Aerospace in Pasadena, California, is developing a system that uses microwave energy to interfere with microchips inside cars. Once the chip is overloaded with excessive current, the car ceases to function, and will gradually decelerate on its own, he said."

Okay, I have a couple of questions. Can I reheat leftovers with this? Will the criminal who gets zapped with this get cancer? Will the officer who uses this get it too? How do you keep this from being used by the criminals? And finally, you go into 7-11 in LA to get a Slurpy and OJ comes through with his Bronco and your car is sitting along the chase route, does your car start afterwards? Who will pay for the repairs?

There is just way too much optimism in the article for me.
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