Monday, January 03, 2005

Goals For 2005

As I said, I usually set up goals for the year and I have been thinking about those goals. Perhaps posting the list here will spur some of you to consider your own goals or spur you to hold me accountable or even give me great advise on how to acheive them.

1. Walk with God - Improve my prayer life by praying using the book The Valley Of Vision and by praying for the unreached people in Yemen. Also read through the Bible using my interlinear testements.

2. Marriage - Understand my wife's talent for establishing friendships better. Ask her hard questions that are puzzling me.

3. Father - Teach my children to talk about what they are thinking and what they are learning.

4. Continue with seminary.

5. Improve my organizational skills by asking for help from my wife.

6. Fitness - Begin commuting to work on my bicycle. Continue to work out and participate in sports.

7. Ministry - Focus on the three basics in ministry of preaching, praying and visitation. In many ways, meetings and leadership tasks have replaced the focus of ministry for me as central. I need to somehow reverse that.

8. Communications - I need to learn how to develop better relationships with my co-workers and neighbors. Prepare to take the plunge of talking to neighbors. Be available.
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