Saturday, January 15, 2005

Firefox, Sunbird, and Linux: Three Free, as in free speech

I have been getting some of my computer problems solved this weekend. I got my SUSE Linux machine on the Internet. Whooo-hoo.

I also installed Sunbird on both my Windows XP machine and my Linux box. I'm not decided on how useful I think it is. I'll have to play with it for a while. Sunbird is developed as open-source software like Firefox. Sunbird is basically a calendar program. What makes it so great? It is free, my favorite price and it is free, free for people to change and improve. Apple a few years back came out with a calendar which could be published on the web. Sunbird uses the same protocol to publish calendars on the web. I found a free website iCalShare which hosts a lot of calendars. It is a pretty interesting way to share scheduling data. I'll keep you updated on it. And just to remind you, you can run Sunbird on Windows, Linux and OS X Mac.

I also installed Firefox onto my Linux box. So I put a link to share Firefox on my template.

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