Monday, January 31, 2005

Do Categories Actually Divide? (or Top 10 Reasons To Blogroll)

ESV Bible Online: Passage: 1 Corinthians 1

1 Corinthians 1:10 - 17

Divisions in the Church

10 I appeal to you, brothers, [1] by the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, that all of you agree and that there be no divisions among you, but that you be united in the same mind and the same judgment. 11 For it has been reported to me by Chloe's people that there is quarreling among you, my brothers. 12 What I mean is that each one of you says, “I follow Paul,” or “I follow Apollos,” or “I follow Cephas,” or “I follow Christ.” 13 Is Christ divided? Was Paul crucified for you? Or were you baptized in the name of Paul? 14 I thank God that I baptized none of you except Crispus and Gaius, 15 so that no one may say that you were baptized in my name. 16 (I did baptize also the household of Stephanas. Beyond that, I do not know whether I baptized anyone else.) 17 For Christ did not send me to baptize but to preach the gospel, and not with words of eloquent wisdom, lest the cross of Christ be emptied of its power.

I am amused at the recent discussions in the blogdom about unity and how blog rolls and other consolidated lists might disrupt it. In the U.S. a few years back it became trendy during a church plant to start a church calling it “Hill Valley, Community Church” but the church to have an affiliation with a denomination. (Mind you, “Hill Valley” here is the fictional place from “Back To The Future”.) I even know of a church plant that even went to great lengths to hide that it was a Southern Baptist congregation. I think the idea is that people want to express is that denominations are not important. They are loose lines which have a little bit of benefit. There might be the occasional desire to deceive in order to evangelize, but by and large, I think this kind of thinking was an effort to keep denominational affiliation from becoming distraction to the real conversation the community of faith was wanting to have with those who are interested in exploring Christianity. They wanted to talk about Jesus and not church politics. However, as I understand it, most people are not distracted by such titles. Most people take the labels as somewhat identifiers of certain distinctions but not a matter of much importance. Just because Adrian Warnock seems to disagree with me on baptism does not mean I'm going to depart from fellowship. Well, actually he was disagreeing with my pastor the Jollyblogger but anyway.

Adrian I invite you to check out my webpage on baptism.
(I'm really not expecting you to change your position.)

Those who make a big deal out of following Paul or Apollos are told to not do so. But the funny thing is that those who claim do a counter proposal of saying “I follow Christ” are asked if Christ is divided. The text implies that their transcendent claim actually works to heighten division.

Blogrolls, aggregators and the like are merely a sophisticated to link to somebody else. What are you saying by a link? I have developed 10 reasons people link:

10. He/she likes the other blog
9. He is of similar mind as the other blog.
8. She is related to the other blogger. (Parableman you are not the only one.)
7. He hopes to increase his chances of going up in The Truth Laid Bear Ecosystem, so he links to others so that they will reciprocate the link.
6. She wants to help people find another good blog, sort of a mini review of the other blog.
7. He is fond of linking.
6. She can't find the bookmarks feature on her web browser.
5. He likes to categorize blogs that he reads.
4. Linking is cool.
3. Linking makes it look like my blog is a happening place to be on the web.
2. Networking, as a safe way to tip one's hat to a fellow blogger without much risk.
1. Hey, everybody else is doing it. I like to stay with the herd.

One of the things blogging software does is categorize people. I often click through my blogger profile to find who else lists Biblical Hebrew and GIS as interests. I also found out that no one from my home town in Lebanon, Missouri is a blogger on blogger. :-( Categories are okay if we don't take them too seriously. I hope no one departs from fellowship from me because of the whole Frisbee golf thing.

Evangelical Underground

Evangelical Underground

Go over to The Evangelical Underground and check out the awards. Cool idea. I'm a vot'n for my favorites over there. Most of the folks I frequent are already nominated except Rebecca Write. I am thinking I should nominate her for something.

Friday, January 28, 2005

McDonaldization, Starbucks and Church

The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors. I want to quote the short Wikipedia article on McDonaldization to develop more of a definition of the term.

McDonaldization - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: "McDonaldization
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

McDonaldization is a sociological term coined by George Ritzer to represent the changes caused by the process of rationalization, or move from a traditional to rationality mode of thought, throughout a society.

Ritzer highlighted four primary components of McDonaldization:

* Efficiency - the optimal method for accomplishing a task
* Calculability - objective should be quantifiable (i.e. sales) rather than subjective (i.e. taste)
* Predictability - standardized and uniform services
* Control - standardized and uniform employees"

My good friend the Jollyblogger has been discussing the McChurch in his posting, "The McChurching of America". McDonaldization has some good points and some bad points. I really like Starbucks coffee. To get those kind of coffee shops all over would be impossible without a system. The system does not mean that there is not quality, in fact quality is a part of the system. The decor, music, coffee and general coolness are replicated everywhere there is a Starbucks. The guy who renamed himself Winter over at the website Starbucks Everywhere is sort of funny in that he is trying to visit every Starbucks as an act of originality. In one sense Winter is the opposite of Starbucks. Starbucks is a coffee franchise that specializes in replicating itself while Winter is working very hard to be unique.

So when does one want to replicate something and when does one want be unique? McDonalds, Starbucks, and a host of other franchises reduce risk to business owners who have a safety net from a tried and true marketing mix. But on the other hand everything starts to taste the same in franchise land. I like to travel and explore. When I travel I like to explore virtually with maps and the Internet; but I also like to explore with my feet and stomach. My feet explore by walking and running. My stomach explores new dishes of food. My favorit is hole in the wall places which are cheap and have great food. They don't all taste the same. But then again when it comes to a place to sleep, I want to take less risks. I want standardization. Holiday Inn Express meets my comfort zone quite a bit. I know the price and the standards. For routine travel for work, I am uncomfortable staying a top of the line hotel even though my employer is paying for it all. Where I exercise and where I eat I want variety but where I lay my head to sleep I want predictability.

McDonaldization can cause blandness. What is the use of going on vacation if America is one giant strip mall with a Walmart, Burger King and Exxon station? The theme parks even start to all look alike. Why not have all the churches just play a video tape of some really good preaching? Because preaching should address the local context. The preacher must exposite the text but he must also understand the state of the flock and hit issues that they are facing. There is great benefit to ministries which broadcast quality preaching, however a pulpit ministry should meet needs individually rather than a systemic set of processes which efficiently pumps out the end result.

When someone is talking about McDonaldization, I don't think this is the same as being inspired by someone else's work. Jazz musicians are famous for talking about their influences and how they came up with a new sound; fresh and yet reminecent of someone else's work. Some of the ideas behind the Creative Commons movement is that copyright control has moved to a total lock down of each work, forgetting that really it is impossible to do "original" work is a certain sense. McDonaldization is not merely copying a certain element or two, nor is it using similar business model. McDonaldization comes about when the four elements talked about in the Wikipedia article quoted above creates what we have come to know as franchises. Churches who are inspired by an element or two (or even more) of another are not suffering from McDnaldization. When church success is broken down to a formula where a certain look and feel are trying to be replicated, along with a homogeneous product, thinking that the result will be a similar numerically quantifiable success, then you have McDonaldization.

In my theology, I want it Reformed. In my music, I want if fresh. In my church government, I want it Presbyterian. In my outreach, I want it addressing local needs. In my ministries, I want it to reflect the gifting mix of the local congregation. Yes, I want variety and consistency at the same time.

Thursday, January 27, 2005

Basket of Figs

Basket of Figs:

I saw this tongue in cheek explaination of true worship over a Basket of Figs. This sort of relates to Joe Missionary's blog posting on confusing an agape love for God with using erotic terms to express love for God.

"Signs that there is true worship taking place in the church.

1. There is a good sound system.
2. The worship leader is really hot.
3. A lot of young people attend the church.
4. You can feel the love.
5. The music is really loud.
6. There are no organs.
7. People say things like, 'O yes.' 'uh, HUH' 'Yes, Jesus'
8. People are not looking down at a hymnbook; they are looking up at a screen.
9. People have their hands raised.
10. There are guitars.
11. People have their eyes closed.
12. Only a few words are sung, and these are sung over and over.
13. People roll their eyes a lot while they are doing it.
14. The worship team is really hot.
15. People roll their eyes while looking at the screen.
16. People clap their hands while they are doing it.
17. People say things like, 'O yes.' 'uh, HUH' 'Yes, Jesus' over and over.
18. Some people clap their hands AND have their hands raised.
19. You can feel the love.
20. There are a lot of women doing it.
21. There are people who roll their eyes while they have their eyes closed.
22. People stand and sway while they are doing it.
23. Many men seem embarrassed by it. They are there because their wives won't let them go anywhere else to church.
24. The worship team is very young and sexy.
25. You can feel the love."

Digitus, Finger & Co. � CHRISTIAN CARNIVAL #54

Digitus, Finger & Co. � CHRISTIAN CARNIVAL #54

Head on over to the Christian Carnival. I keep meaning to submit an article myself, but I keep missing it lately. Even though you will not find my wares listed, go read some good blogs!

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Who are you?

Messy Christian: Who are you?:

I read Messy Christian. She gets a lot of hits and a lot of traffic. I am no comparison but I liked her concept, find out who is visiting. Some people I think I know outside the blogdom and others I'm not sure. So if you would not mind, I would like to know who you are. (Of course feel free to leave out any question(s) you feel would be invading your space.)

Two cool things about you:
What attracted you to this blog? or Why do you read this blog?:
What's your favourite gadget/thing/accessory:
Anything you'd like me to post about in the future :

PCA Blogger And Open Office Link

Thanks to the Jollyblogger for putting together a blog roll of PCA bloggers. Also, thanks to Kristofer at Believers' wear for cluing me onto the Open Office button. Both are a fine addition to my modern life style.

They Will Know Us By Our T-Shirts: Don't Eat the Vegetables

They Will Know Us By Our T-Shirts: Don't Eat the Vegetables

What do Veggies eat?

LXer: Open Letter to Brin & Page

LXer: Open Letter to Brin & Page

Follow the link to some good thoughts about data formats. Should it be centered on making a company a monopoly or should it be organized in such a way that machines can help people understand the data?

The FireFox Explosion

The FireFox Explosion

The above link takes you to a full page image is from this coming month's Wired. The image shows various open source software that is fighting the Microsoft fortress. It shows both desktop and back office software types. What is really missing though is the Open Office. Open Office can save things in Microsoft formats or its own. While in one sense this is a copy cat to Microsoft Office, it has much more capability than MS Works. If you are not familiar with MS Works, it is a little office suite which often comes with Windows.

In a sense word processing, spread sheets and presentations are very basic to simple computing. While Firefox has made a big hit in the news and we all know about Linux, Open Office is key to people feeling comfortable leaving the MS family since it has the de facto standards for creating documents. While I'm sure there are design features of MS Word that I am just not getting, the main feature seems to me to be one which serves the company who owns it, that is making the world of home and office computing impossible to survive in without using MS Word. While there are many ways to get around using MS Word, most people are not willing to leave the comfort zone of having MS Word. That is one reason that Apple had to start putting MS Office on their Machintosh line of computers. Apple Works (a.k.a. Claris Works) was a fine suite of office software. I believe Apple made the switch from Claris to MS Office as a survival mechanism, not a design feature.

I for one would gladly place an image on my blog encouraging people to use Open Office if one existed.

Sunday, January 23, 2005

Member: Dead Christians Society - Christian History

Member: Dead Christians Society - Christian History

This article at the Christianity Today website is pretty interesting. They did the list backwards since the de facto standard has been set by David Letterman. Letterman counts down a list, not up. I'll put a summary here in my own words but check out the link above to get the long version:

10. Christian history permeates our culture and society, you don't know who you are without it, even if your not religious. (This assumes the reader is American, or Western to some extent.)
9. Liberates you from the tyranny of the present
8. Life is too short to learn it all yourself so see what others did right and wrong
7. The deeper our roots; the higher we can grow.
6. Because most anything you have a question has already been thought through long and hard by someone in the past
5. Meet by proxy some really colorful and interesting personalities
4. To understand just how different those who came before us were and humble us
3. To understand where all these denominations came from
2. To understand the church's nature and mission
1. Christianity is based on God's historic acts carried out by his providence

Saturday, January 22, 2005

Survey on Bible Software

I encourage you to go over to the Bible Software Review Weblog and take the survey.

Myers-Briggs Test: I'm An Inventor But I Used To Be A Visionary

I have changed my Myers-Briggs profile. When I first became familar with this test and way of thinking, I was told that people sometimes change how they score. They explained that a person usually changes after a major life crisis. I recently went through a period I like to call my "dark night of the soul", a term used by certain Christian pietist. I think if I took the issue to psychologiest he would say I was depressed. However, recently I was studying and reading the book of Ruth. Naomi is depressed in the story, or rather going through a dark night of the soul. But when she sees the hand of providence in her life she begins to have hope. Though I have not had hope in a long time, I am starting to have hope again. During my dark night of the soul I was just sort of hanging on to weather the storm. But now I am looking for God's hand of providence instead. So my new Myers-Briggs profile, drum roll please....

ENTP - "Inventor". Enthusiastic interest in everything and always sensitive to possibilities. Non-conformist and innovative. 3.2% of the total population.
Free Jung Personality Test (similar to Myers-Briggs)

Friday, January 21, 2005

Sidesspot: Christian Carnival--It's Finally Up-- No Really!

Sidesspot: Christian Carnival--It's Finally Up-- No Really!

Check out the Christian Carnival. There really are several good blog postings there.

Making Decisions And Time Management

In my career I have often counseled those who have worked with me what their next steps could or should be. I think often people just need to bounce some ideas off people and look for reactions. In my own walk with the Lord I have not always been encouraged with appropriate advise. In my teen years I had a lot of hopes and dreams to which my parents could not relate. As an adult, my dreams have at times been so big and grandiose that they were not achievable, off beat things to which others could not relate. I am a visionary. It is both a gift and a great weakness at the same instance. In my forties, I am regrouping and becoming a visionary who has become refined by the trial of forging new paths, both successes and failures. By the way, success is sometime more difficult to handle than failure.

As I went running earlier this week I listened to an NPR program on woman who was changing her career from accounting to belly dancer. She had been belly dancing as a hobby for quite some time and when she discussed her desire to dance full time with a friend of hers said, "You are not married, you don't have children, and you have a degree so your always able to get a job. Go pursue your dream." Her risks in life were low and she wanted to dance. I'm not sure I would want my daughters dancing. (Okay, I do NOT want men to gawk at my five daughters.) But I think her friend is right that one should pursue one's dreams. It was also right to point out that the young lady had good prospects even if things did not work out. She could afford risk.

Tuesday I attended a college orientation with my 17-year-old daughter. I was listening to a guidance counselor discuss academic programs and goals with young people. (By the way, I kept mum.) The woman told the students that most students change their major and so don't be worried if you don't know what you want to be. In one sense I totally agree with her. Getting a degree in say teaching is not a jail sentence to teach school the rest of your life. Getting a degree does not mean that a capable young man can not join the infantry. Getting a degree does not mean that a woman is obligated to work outside the home. But the flip side of her statement I find somewhat disturbing. If a young person has some interpersonal conflict, a drive to decide what they want to do, it might be a good thing. They need some emotional energy and purpose to get them through the decision cycle. Also, in a very real sense, if the young person does not make some decisions, he can be wasting his time and money fishing for a major long past a logical point of decision.

Another issue is a young person needs to talk about what she wants and desires and then to get appropriate advise from peers, teachers, relatives and parents. Often others can see the obvious answers that are hidden to the person making the decision. Advice is funny though. It is not always helpful. In my own walk, I have sought advice and sometimes it was helpful. At other times I have received advise that really would have worked for someone else with different gifts and callings. It is not unusual for me to get unsolicited advice where the person is trying to fix my flaws. I do have some unusual strength and weaknesses and conventional wisdom does not always work for me. Then sometimes I have received good encouragement. I would encourage you to help your young people to think about their gifts and callings. They need to see what others see as their potential.

Time is short, even for the young. Their resources are short. Soon they will have little time to prepare for the future for it is here. Allowing them to wonder unnecessarily is not a blessing; it is a waste of youth. (Of course, young people will have to learn by trial and error somewhat; changing majors once they find that they do not have a passion or aptitude for a course of study.) However, justifying their indecision serves mainly to sooth the conscience of those who are supposed to help them find their field of study. The logic is that we do not have to solve a problem if it does not exist. But then again, removing a conflict is not always a good thing. As the parable goes, if a butterfly is not allowed to struggle to get out of its cacoon, it will never be able to fly and use its wings. The conflict of the emerging from the cacoon forces the fluids through the wings giving them strength and form.

Thursday, January 20, 2005

Wired News: Like It or Not, Blogs Have Legs

Wired News: Like It or Not, Blogs Have Legs

Article summary: The virtues of blogs and how the writin' aint all that well all the thyme, so let's hope we can do some sort of video blogs.

What follows are basically my comments on the article. (Hint: This will make more sense if you read or scan the article.)

I suppose we could all get a blogger or wikipedia license before we write anything. Or perhaps, as people write they will get better at it, the spell check will get better and perhaps there will be a grammar check too for such Internet activities. My writing is not on the eloquent side however, I have improved my writing by writing, not by sitting back wishing I could write like the Jollyblogger. Also, I think traffic levels and comments encourage people to keep improving their writing ability.

There has been a consensus building that wikipedia just is not the same quality as Britannica. I'm not sure why that must be even talked about. Perhaps it is the idea that a group of volunteers can out perform the experts. If there was an editor out there that had to be pleased, and people were really working in teams instead of as individuals, the results could be of a higher quality. The Linux community has a good product because 1. programming requires a basic skillset 2. Torvald is the big cheese. Wikipedia is great for what it is. If you find mistakes on the page about you, why don't you fix it, improve it instead of saying "I gotcha, ha".

Another thing, like the writer I wish we had a better content on TV. It is not the volume of choices out there that is the problem. The Internet can be a new means of distribution, however, more stuff being distributed is not the answer. 500 channels of nothing is still nothing. How does one improve the quality? Economics of a quality production is still incredibly high. It is an expensive media form. Talk shows, reality shows, cooking shows and sports events can turn into simply a way to shovel content out the bandwidth. The executives, producers and other media controllers have important jobs of helping get the best content to the box. I think the writer is focusing on that fact that blogs are a different distribution system. Where as I beleive, blogging's sucess is based on the fact that the software creates a cheap and easy way to publish. Blogging is not about a new distribution system but merely a content creation wizard. (I'm using the term wizard to refer to software that automatically takes you through a process so that you get your job done fasters.) Keeping a log on line is nothing new. If you want put more video out on the Internet I beleive one needs a better, cheaper editing software for both the video needs to continue to be developed. Once amateurs can effectively put their family and skateboarding videos on the Internet with minimal effort, then those with significant but undiscovered abilities can create new and exciting content. Much of it will continue to be amateur unless there is czar like Linus saying what is good and what is not. However, the traffic levels, links and comments will help to sort out where the great videos are and the poor videos will simply not get as much traffic. - Darth Tater: The dark side of Mr. Potato Head - Jan 19, 2005 - Darth Tater: The dark side of Mr. Potato Head - Jan 19, 2005

My wife told me about this. Every kid is gonna want one of these babys!

Sunday, January 16, 2005

Modern Context for Ancient Text

I'm looking at what subjects need to address in pulpit ministry. I have asked what things need to be addressed. I get different answers depending on how I ask the question. Often people interprete the question to be, "What topics and series are good for preachers to preach on?" In reality, I'm trying to find out what nagging questions are bumping around in people's heads and hearts after they have contact with the world.

Tell me, list ten issues that the world needs addressed from the pulpit.

Saturday, January 15, 2005

Firefox, Sunbird, and Linux: Three Free, as in free speech

I have been getting some of my computer problems solved this weekend. I got my SUSE Linux machine on the Internet. Whooo-hoo.

I also installed Sunbird on both my Windows XP machine and my Linux box. I'm not decided on how useful I think it is. I'll have to play with it for a while. Sunbird is developed as open-source software like Firefox. Sunbird is basically a calendar program. What makes it so great? It is free, my favorite price and it is free, free for people to change and improve. Apple a few years back came out with a calendar which could be published on the web. Sunbird uses the same protocol to publish calendars on the web. I found a free website iCalShare which hosts a lot of calendars. It is a pretty interesting way to share scheduling data. I'll keep you updated on it. And just to remind you, you can run Sunbird on Windows, Linux and OS X Mac.

I also installed Firefox onto my Linux box. So I put a link to share Firefox on my template.

Was King Arthur really a Pelagian? - Christian History

Was King Arthur really a Pelagian? - Christian History

Last month when I flew out to Hawaii one of the films shown was King Arthur. I really like the costuming, battle scenes, and speculation as to his origins being other than British. I guess there is a minority of scholars who consider his origins being other than British. Probably a minority of scholars consider this partly because he is often thought of as legend as such does not deserve a historical reveiw.

I liked the film. It has some sensuality so beware. Check out Focus On the Family's Plugged In revew.

One of the issus in the film is Arthur's allegiance to Pelagianism. I think most of the U.S. is Arminian in theology and is assumed as a common value. I think the film deals with this as an issue to give life and brains to the hero. However, despite it being a good plot device, check out Christianity Today's article on it.

Friday, January 14, 2005

Blog for Christ's Sake

Check out this pastor who sees the potential of blogging as a part of ministry.

Be sure to click on the title of this article to follow the link.

JOLLYBLOGGER - a weblog for jolly beggars: Preacher Dies During Sermon on Heaven

JOLLYBLOGGER - a weblog for jolly beggars: Preacher Dies During Sermon on Heaven Be sure to read about one fulfillment of this verse.

Psalm 116:15
Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of his saints.

Things that Marty McFly Needed To Know For Time Travel

I got 17 right. How’d you do?

Everyone over 40 should have a pretty easy time at this exam. If you are under 40 you can claim a handicap.

This is a History Exam for those who don’t mind seeing how much they really remember about what went on in their life. Get paper and pencil and number from 1 to 20. Write the letter of each answer and score at the end.

1. In the 1940s, where were automobile headlight dimmer switches located?

a. On the floor shift knob
b. On the floor board, to the left of the clutch
c. Next to the horn

2. The bottle top of a Royal Crown Cola bottle had holes in it. For what was it used?

a. Capture lightning bugs
b. To sprinkle clothes before ironing
c. Large salt shaker

3. Why was having milk delivered a problem in northern winters?

a. Cows got cold and wouldn’t produce milk
b. Ice on highways forced delivery by dog sled
c. Milkmen left deliveries outside of front doors and milk would freeze, expanding and pushing up the cardboard bottle top.

4. What was the popular chewing gum named for a game of chance?

a. Blackjack
b. Gin
c. Craps!

5. What method did women use to look as if they were wearing stockings when none were available due to rationing during W.W.II?

a. Suntan
b. Leg painting
c. Wearing slacks

6. What postwar car turned automotive design on its ear when you couldn’t tell whether it was coming or going?

a. Studebaker
b. Nash Metro
c. Tucker

7. Which was a popular candy when you were a kid?

a. Strips of dried peanut butter
b. Chocolate licorice bars
c. Wax coke-shaped bottles with colored sugar water inside

8. How was Butch wax used?

a. To stiffen a flat-top haircut so it stood up
b. To make floors shiny and prevent scuffing
c. On the wheels of roller skates to prevent rust

9. Before inline skates, how did you keep your roller skates attached to your shoes?

a. With clamps, tightened by a skate key
b. Woven straps that crossed the foot
c. Long pieces of twine

10. As a kid, what was considered the best way to reach a decision?

a. Consider all the facts
b. Ask Mom
c. Eeny-meeny-miney-mo

11. What was the most dreaded disease in the 1940’s?

a. Smallpox
c. Polio

12. “I’ll be down to get you in a ________,

a. SUV
b. Taxi
c. Streetcar

13. What was the name of Caroline Kennedy’s pet pony?

a. Old Blue
b. Paint
c. Macaroni

14. What was a Duck-and-Cover Drill?

a. Part of the game of hide and seek
b. What you did when your Mom called you in to do chores
c. Hiding under your desk, and covering your head with your arms in an A-bomb drill.

15. What was the name of the Indian Princess on the Howdy Doody show?

a. Princess Summerfallwinterspring
b. Princess Sacajewea
c. Princess Moonshadow

16. What did all the really savvy students do when mimeographed tests were handed out in school?

a. Immediately sniffed the purple ink, as this was believed to get you high
b. Made paper airplanes to see who could sail theirs out the window
c. Wrote another pupil’s name on the top, to avoid their failure

17. Why did your Mom shop in stores that gave Green Stamps with purchases?

a. To keep you out of mischief by licking the backs, which tasted like bubble gum
b. They could be put in special books and redeemed for various household items
c. They were given to the kids to be used as stick-on tattoos

18. Praise the Lord, and pass the _________?

a. Meatballs
b. Dames
c. Ammunition

19. What was the name of the singing group that made the song “Cabdriver” a hit?

a. The Ink Spots
b. The Supremes
c. The Esquires

20 Who left his heart in San Francisco?

a. Tony Bennett
b. Xavier Cugat
c. George Gershwin

To see the answers click below.


1. b) On the floor, to the left of the clutch. Hand controls, popular in Europe, took till the late ‘60s to catch on.
2. b) To sprinkle clothes before ironing. Who had a steam iron?
3. c) Cold weather caused the milk to freeze and expand, popping the bottle top.
4. a) Blackjack Gum.
5. b) Special makeup was applied, followed by drawing a seam down the back of the leg with eyebrow pencil.
6. a) 1946 Studebaker.
7. c) Wax coke bottles containing super-sweet colored water.
8. a) Wax for your flat top (butch) haircut.
9. a) With clamps, tightened by a skate key, which you wore on a shoestring around your neck.
10. c) Eeny-meeny-miney-mo.
11. c) Polio. In beginning of August, swimming pools were closed, movies and other public gathering places were closed to try to prevent spread of the disease.
12.. b) Taxi. Better be ready by half-past eight!
13. c) Macaroni.
14. c) Hiding under your desk, and covering your head with your arms in an A-bomb drill.
15. a) Princess Summerfallwinterspring. She was another puppet.
16. a) Immediately sniffed the purple ink to get a high.
17. b) Put in a special stamp book, they could be traded for household items at the Green Stamp store.
18. c) Ammunition, and we’ll all be free.
19. a) The widely famous 50’s group: The Inkspots.
20. a) Tony Bennett, and he sounds just as good today.


17- 20 correct: You are older than dirt, and obviously gifted with mental abilities. Now if you could only find your glasses. Definitely someone who should share their wisdom!

12 -16 correct: Not quite dirt yet, but your mind is getting keen.

0 -11 correct: You are not old enough to share the wisdom of your experiences

Hat Tip: Rebecca Writes

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Book Meme

Via TULIPGirl: Here's how it works. Copy the list, then remove from it the names of any authors not in your home library, replacing them with names of authors you have. Boldface the ones you’ve added.

1. Louis Berkhof
2. Jostein Gaarder
3. David Macaulay
4. Jean Lee Latham
5. Paul Johnson
6. D. Martin Lloyd-Jones
7. C.S. Lewis
8. Laura Lemay
9. Ray C. Stedman
10. William Shakespeare

Berkhof and Shakespeare are two greats, but it seems that's the only ones I have in common with TULIPGirl.

I would like to see how my list compares with others people's book list. As always, comments welcome.

Auburn Avenue Theology

I have been reading up on the Auburn Avenue theology in response to a question that Jennifer sent me. I am looking for a summary of the points made by those who hold to the Auburn Avenue theology. Every summary that I have read has been negative if it was short, or so long that it could not be considered a summary. If you know of a good, balanced summary let me know.

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

The Main Idea of Ruth 1

Often I think I need to do the Christian life just right in order to recieve the blessing of God. However when we read the book of Ruth, Naomi is depressed and does not seem to be doing it right. She says things like, "Do not call me Naomi (pleasant); call me Mara (bitter), for the Almighty has dealt very bitterly with me. I went away full, and the Lord has brought me back empty. Why call me Naomi, when the Lord has testified against me and the Almighty has brought calamity upon me?". The grace of God is shed on her anyway. She becomes the grandmother, seregate mother, of the ancestor of King David and King Jesus. It is not because Naomi is so faithful but because God is so good.


I am not worthy of your blessing. I am your servant.


Monday, January 10, 2005

Prayer For The Unreached


We pray for the young people of Yemen.
May they know your free grace and salvation.
Saying free grace is redundant but Lord you know
That we often try to buy it.
In Yemen the young and poor are being sent into
Use your church to be a blessing to these
young men with no hope of a future.
May the laws be just and the programs effecting
for changing this situation of child labor
in Yemen.

God bless Yemen, Amen.

Saturday, January 08, 2005

Messy Christian

Messy Christian You might check out Messy Christian's new design for her site and read some excellent articles on the tsunami.

One More Goal For 2005

Get my wife to help me organize my desk, closet and papers.

Thursday, January 06, 2005

Is it ever ok to express a sinful emotion?

JOLLYBLOGGER - a weblog for jolly beggars: Is it ever ok to express a sinful emotion?

My good friend the Jollyblogger has been meditating on the Psalms. I encourage you to check out some of his thoughts on the Psalms and the emotions expressed in them.

A couple of years ago I was working for an officier who really was emotionally centered. I always thought that men were somewhat more of thinkers and women were feelers. Working with this guy I found out that men are very emotional too. They don't express this through selecting flowered patterns for the bathroom decorations but rather through their all out screaming as a touchdown is made by their favorite NFL team. While working for this officier, the decision process was governed by ego and emotional rush issues. Things were a mess most of the time.

In my earlier comments I expressed a difference in how men and women are emotional creatures. Different subcultures in America are emotional in differently also. The key to communicating the gospel is to communicate accurately the emotional content of the gospel in a way that is culturally relevant.

I think one of the big things that seperates the theologically conservative church from the theologically liberal church is the types of emotions thought to be holy. Often stepping on a few toes is thought to be health in many conservative churches. It is thought to be a good hurt, a challenge that helps. Sort of like that pain after a good workout at the gym. In the liberal churches, this is often interpreted as a form of self-righteousness and pride. In these churches the idea of denouncing a sin is sort of the equivelent to expressing disdain for those outside the group. I genuinely believe there is communication that is misinterpreted by both sides.

The content of the gospel is not just an intellectual one, love is not defined merely by words. Emotion can not be seperated out of love. Often I hear people talk about agape love of God as one that is not based on emotion. His love is merely a decision of the mind. I have no doubt that his mind is involved but his love is warm and giving too. So should be his church.

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Tsunami Prayer

Lord of all creation,

We pray for those who are suffering as a result of the tsunami in southern Asia. This is an oppritunity to show love and concern to others.

For those who hunger, we ask that they be filled.
For those who have seen their livelihood destroyed, we ask for meaningful work.
For those who have lost a child, we ask for comfort.
For those who have lost a parent, we ask for protection and provision.

Lord we pray also that the generosity that has been poured out will be used in an honorable and effective way. For those who would loot, we ask that they would be thwarted at every side.


Tuesday, January 04, 2005

A Series Of Unfortunate Events - The Movie

I was in my living room one day and I saw a book about the happy pony. I was looking at the cover of this book. It was just so saccharine that I was just amazed at it. I ask my daughter who loves horses about the book if she was reading it. She told me no. I found out the cover was a farse. The book was "A Series Of Unfortunate Events". I thought it was a funny joke. The cover was two sided. The regular cover could be reverse to the "Happy Pony Farm" if some adult was going to direct that the child should read something a little more happy.

Today we took the whole family to the movie. It was quite funny. The narrator, author, of the story encouraged everyone to leave the theater several times. Seriously! I stayed.

The themes are dark and yet over the top funny. The plot is fairly well developed. The movie, I am told, takes liberties with the original for the sake of brevity. The movie combines several of the books. The main idea is that when you are in trouble, use your grit and talents to get you out of the tight spot in which you find yourself. (Of course, the grace of God is not mentioned as a means of deleiverance.) Self-reliance and ingenuity are the values lifted up. These are values that I want my children to have, given a back drop of the grace of God.

Perhaps you may find the message in a cloke of darkness. I would say that the Puddleglum in C.S. Lewis book, The Silver Chair, may have a better view of the world than optimists who always try to make the whole world seem when it is not. Also, there is something to be said for the Protestant artist Albert Durer. Some of his gruesome views of the spirit world help us to put in perspective that we have a truely evil enemy whom we battle. So just because it is dark does not mean we should avoid it, however, if your child is subject to nightmares, you should probably not allow them to see it.

The baby "Sunny" was the best actor. I don't know how they got her to do her part. It was great. The other children were great too. Jim Carrey is over the top. He never convinces me he has an evil heart. Merrill Streep is excellent of course. But I have a hard time seeing her as ditsy.

Good movie but beware of the dark themes if your children or you are sensitive to that type of thing.

Monday, January 03, 2005

Goals For 2005

As I said, I usually set up goals for the year and I have been thinking about those goals. Perhaps posting the list here will spur some of you to consider your own goals or spur you to hold me accountable or even give me great advise on how to acheive them.

1. Walk with God - Improve my prayer life by praying using the book The Valley Of Vision and by praying for the unreached people in Yemen. Also read through the Bible using my interlinear testements.

2. Marriage - Understand my wife's talent for establishing friendships better. Ask her hard questions that are puzzling me.

3. Father - Teach my children to talk about what they are thinking and what they are learning.

4. Continue with seminary.

5. Improve my organizational skills by asking for help from my wife.

6. Fitness - Begin commuting to work on my bicycle. Continue to work out and participate in sports.

7. Ministry - Focus on the three basics in ministry of preaching, praying and visitation. In many ways, meetings and leadership tasks have replaced the focus of ministry for me as central. I need to somehow reverse that.

8. Communications - I need to learn how to develop better relationships with my co-workers and neighbors. Prepare to take the plunge of talking to neighbors. Be available.

News Alert - Blog Readership Increases

Technology - My wife and I thought this was a non-story in one sense because, "Well, yes..."

Sunday, January 02, 2005

ESV Bible Plugins for Firefox

ESV Bible Plugins I have been using Firefox the past couple of months. If you use Firefox, you might check out the plugin that lets you do ESV Bible searches.