Tuesday, August 03, 2004

How Do You Oppose A False Doctrine Without Becoming Stick In The Mud

In my small group we are studying "post cards of the Bible". I took the title from a series of Chuck Swindoll a few years ago. That is the only connection between his series and my own. We are studying all books in the Bible under three chapters long. I may make it under five chapters if we are still enjoying it. The book of Jude is mostly about warning about false prophets. It does not seem to address a particular false teaching or practice. I know a lot of groups are very inward focused and narrow. I started to encourage the group not to be that way, and I realized I was starting to talk them out of the meaning of the text of Jude. So by talking about the difference between being too narrow and letting a false teach harm us we did keep our balance. There is a lot of teaching in the New Testament about false teachers. For us, I think it is problematic to teach these passages without pointing fingers at a particular group. In reality, false teachers talking about in the scripture are from within.

2 Peter 2:1
But there were also false prophets among the people, just as there will be false teachers among you.
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