Friday, June 04, 2004

100 Things To Do During My Life

I have decided to change this to a more positive title. I have been posting my goals a few at a time and calling it 100 thing to do before I die. Our death will happen, but perhaps it sounds a little dark to put it in the goals.

7 Connect GIS and Ministry

I would like to connect ministries with the tools of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) like ArcView. The idea is that Christian ministries could identify community needs and plan strategies for expansion of the kingdom of God through GIS.

8 Create a project for open source pastor software

Pastors in the developing world could use high quality software for their ministry. I would like to see an open source or a free software project to help pastors of small congregations in the third world.

9 Publish a Bible gazetteer

Rather than publish a book, I would like to publish a whole database. I've started on this one a little more than the other two. Check out my webpage on the place names in the four gospels.
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