Saturday, May 08, 2004

One Hundred Things Before I Die

At my daughter's sport banquet, a former football coach from Severna Park talked about making a list of 100 things to do before he died. My wife and I are following his example by making our own lists. To get to 100 things on the list has been a little bit of a challenge without throwing in weird things or things which are versions of the other. What is the purpose? I think for myself it is an effort to live life to the fullest. An attempt to use the gifts God has given me to the fullest. It is easy to select a movie. A little harder to do something. I read a book in my youth which explained that the ideal date to take a girl on was an active date and not a passive date. A passive date would be something like watching a movie while an active date would be something like play table tennis. Sometimes I find myself passive in life. So I'm writing out a list of 100 things to do before I die. Some may be unrealistic, but perhaps I will find out in preparing to make progress on the list, other things about life, myself and those I love. These things are not in priority, nor is my list static or complete.

1. Travel To Tangier Island
I saw a PBS program on the history of the English language. Tangier Island has an interesting dialect of English. The isolation of the Island being in the Chesapeake has kept some older forms of language. Since I'm language nut, this seems interesting.

2. See a Space Rocket Launch
As a kid of about five years old I wanted to be an astronaut. I've sort of given up on the dream of going into space for some other ideas, but still space and technology are pretty cool.

3. Bicycle Across The United States
I read a book by David Lamb, Over the Hills: : A Midlife Escape Across America by Bicycle about his adventures of riding across America. It seemed more doable than Peter Jenkins Walk Across America.
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